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Wellness Programs: Are They Worth It?

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Wellness programs aim to improve the health of your employees and their families while reducing your health-related costs as an employer. You’ve probably heard or read studies about the benefits of wellness programs: how they’re linked to less absenteeism, greater productivity, and a reduction of long-term health care costs.

But are they really worth it?

With the rising costs of health insurance many companies are desperately searching for ways to cut costs. Many business owners and CEOs who currently have wellness programs are asking the question, “Are wellness programs really still worth it?”

Of course the health of your employees is important but ultimately you must do the math and find out if a wellness program will save the company money or not.

As a business owner you cannot afford to launch a health crusade at the expense of your company. But if and when a properly devised wellness program can truly cut costs then, and only then, is it a win-win for you and the employees.