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4 Ways To Get Employees To Engage In Your Wellness Program

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

If you have made a decision to invest in a wellness program for your company, you should be motivated both by the health of your employees and its improvement to your bottom line.  These goals are critical and reachable.  Both motivations will best be met by encouraging maximum participation from your employees.  You can significantly influence this outcome by taking the following four steps.


1. Get Input from Your Team

In the very beginning, before you decide your budget and objectives, find out who cares. Don’t announce the impending program, just start asking around – however that works best with the size of your organization.

You’ll likely find a few employees who are very interested in health.  Involve them in your early efforts.  First, get their input.  Then, task them with getting input from their co-workers.  Use the input to identify potential elements for your wellness plan.  Their leadership will be more effective because it is motivated by their own passion.